1st  June 2012  to 5th  June 2012

Interviews for the appointment of new teachers at Vaishnav Sahayak Trust.

11th  June 2012

A)  Re -Opening day of the school

B)  Saraswati Invocation

C) Welcome speech and information of board result given by Principal Madam  i e100% in std. X&  85% in std. XII. Rank holders of board classes & Local Classes were also honored on the stage.

D) Meeting with the Drivers & Conductors by Principal.

14th June  2012

A) A national level quiz contest was organized based on Jainism at Kolkatta  in which Prajavi Dungerwal of std. XII participated & secured 1st Prize as cash prize of  Rs. 1 Lakh , Certificates , Mementoes & trophies .

B) Miss Aditi Dhawan of std. IV secured 3rd position in  International Level & 1st position in state Level IN English Olympiad .

C) A national Level kick Boxing contest was organized at Delhi  in which Miss Tanvi Joshi of std. VIII secured2nd Prize as Silver Medal & Certificate .

D) Miss. Isha shrivastav  (std.X)& Miss.Astha Badjatya(std.XII)received a cheque  of rs. 9000/- each for their meritorious position in std. X & XII respectively by M.P.Board of Sec. Education ,Bhopal.







2nd July2012

 Celebration of Guru purnima.

9th  July2012

A)Oath taking ceremony of house captains.

B) Plantation by the students of  Std.XII   under CCE

   Pattern. Guideline is  given to them .

C) Prayer for Raining was done by the students of std. XII.

13th July 2012

PTA was conducted for the session 2012-13. Mrs.Rupali Shah  was elected as Chairperson & Mrs.Ratna Gupta  was elected as Vice chairperson .

14thJuly 2012

A)Movie Shown to the students of Nursery to K.G.II.

B)Big Magic TV organized an event BIG MEMSAB. They   shoot  students activity & took interview of Principal, Vice Principal & One Lecturer .

17thJuly 2012

First working of Godawri House with Short Skit ,pledge & speech by 4 house captains.


18thJuly 2012

First working of Ganga House with Short Skit ,pledge & speech by 4 house captains.


19thJuly 2012

First working of Gayatri House with Short Skit ,pledge & speech by 4 house captains.


20thJuly 2012

First working of Gouri House with Short Skit ,pledge & speech by 4 house captains.


21st July2012

A)Celebration of “Flag  day”

B)Miss.Grishma Yawle & Miss.Astha Raka of std. XI were sent for Debate Competition organized by  Devi Ahelyotsav Samiti Pologround .

23rd July2012

6 students  of  IX   to XII participated in quiz”Limka Book of world record 2013”at Daly College  escorted by Mrs.  Shikha Khandelwal and won  certificates & Limka book of record .

25th July2012

A)15 students of  std. IV to VII  were sent for Fancy Dress  Competition  to Chhatrapati Shivaji School &                             Miss Mansi Jain std.VIII secured 3rd Position. It was organized by Devi Ahilya Utsav Samiti.

B)Dance competition was organized for the students of std. IV & V.

26th July2012

Advertisement Event Competition  was conducted for the student of std. II & III.

27th July2012

Rakhi Making Competition for the students of std. I to V.

28th July2012

A)Essay Competition  for the students of std. IX to  XII at Chattrapati Shivaji School, organized by Devi Ahilyotsav Samiti.Result is awaited.

30th July2012

Miss.Palavi Bagora of std.XI got scholarship of Rs.4000/- for securing CGPA 10 in  std.X  from M.P. Fourth Class Employee Asociation .

31st July2012

A)PTM for the students of Nursery to std. XII.

B) Meeting with the Drivers & Conductors by Principal.

C) Meeting with the Parents of Children of Nursery & K.G.I who got admission under RTE act.

D)Meeting with all the Teachers.

E) Budget Meeting of the Management Members.








1stAugust 2012

A)Rakhi Celebration for std.Nursey to K.G.II.

B)Rakhi Making  Competition for std. I to V.

4th August 2012

A group of 4 girls sent for  Patriotic song Competition to Chhatrapati Shivaji School  & secured 3rd Position .

5th August 2012

Inter School  Drawing Competition was organized by Devi Ahilyotsav Samiti at Gandhi Hall Miss. Nitya Soni  secured first position in Primary Class Group.

8th August 2012

14 girls of Agrawal Samaj from std. K.G.I to  XII  got scholarship of Rs. 56000/- . Rs. i.e. 4000/- each from Agrasen Parmarthik Nyas,Indore.

10thAugust 2012

A)Celebration of Janmashtami  for Nursery to X.

B) Matki Phod Competition for std. XI & XII.

C)8 students from std. VI to XII participated in speech competition organized by Maharastra Samaj ,Rajendra Nagar. Among 50 students from different schools , Miss. Mansi Jain std. VIII got second prize  of Rs. 3000/- & Certificate ,Miss. Prajvi Dungerwal std. XII got Third Prize as reward of Rs. 2000/- & Certificate and Miss. Niyati Kala of std. VIII got consolation prize & certificate.

11th August2012

A)Miss.Shailja Upadhyay & Miss.Purvi Padliya were sent for Inter Schoole Debate Competition organized by Sarafa Vidhya Niketan They got certificate of participation.

B)Consumer Forum first meeting was conducted.A lecture was given by Mrs. Annie Pawar on Banking in the presence of Shri Dube ji & shri Gandhiji.

12th August2012

A)In Inter School  Debate Competition  Miss Surbhi Jain secured first position &   cash prize of Rs.500/- in Junior Group &   In Senior group Miss. Prajvi Dungerwal Secured Third Position with Certificate & cash  prize  of Rs.500/-. It was organized by Devi Ahilyotsav Samiti

B)A cheque of Rs. 10,000/- received from M.P.Board for school as honor of 100% result in Board classes.

15th August2012

Celebration of Independence Day with the Chief Guest Shri Babulalji Baheti ,special Guest Col.C.S.Pathakji & all the dignitaries of the management.

17th August2012

A)Drawing competition was organized for the students of std. I & II.

B)Best Out  of Waste Competition was organized for the students of std. III.

18th August2012

A)Dance Competition for std. IV & Face  Decoration competition for std. V.

B)Inter House Group Dance Competition for std. IX to std.XII.

C) Semi Classical Solo Dance Competition for std. VI to VIII.

20th August2012

Miss.Unnati Sharma cleared National Talent Search Examination  after passing  two levels, one is state & another is National Level. From  Indore only 5 Students

Cleared it. Among them she was one of the girls of Indore  of Vaishnav Bal Mandir.


As per decided by   Indore Sahodaya School Complex, students of std. IX to XII were Sent to different schools for chemistry, Maths, Computer Physics and Social Science projects & they were escorted by Miss. Neha Kadam, Mrs. Shalini Trivedi, Mrs. Jyoti Jain & Mrs. Amita Bhatt  .They received Certificate of participation.


A)Miss. Prajvi Dungerwal & Miss. Astha Ranka  were sent for Essay Competition to Holker Science College but received no prize.

B)Seminar for students of std. XI

31st August2012

A)PTM for the students of Nursery to std. XII.

B) Meeting with the teachers of Nursery to XII by Chairman & Principal.







1stSept.2012  & 2nd Sept.2012

 Inter School Hand Ball Tournament was organized at Khalsa School.  2 teams of Juniors under 14 and Seniors under 19  were sent for Hand Ball Match . Junior Group won the final Match & got   memento and certificates there.

Under 19 & under 14 Ten girls from both groups  were selected for state  level Handball Championship. It will be held at Kukshi from 30th Sept.12 to 5th Oct.12.They will be escorted by Mrs. Sujata Jain.

3rd Sept.2012

6 students of std. XI were sent  for  Inter School Chess competition to Emrald Heights School & among them 5 students got selected for 2nd Level chess Competition.

4th Sept.2012

5 students were sent for 2nd level chess competition to Emraled Heights & 2 student selected for final round .In final round  Miss Astha Ranka std. XI won & received memento & Certificate. 

5th  Sept. 2012

A)Teacher’s Day Celebration with Chief Guest Patanwale Guruji Shri Shyam Manohar Sharma. It is followed by Cultural Programme and games for the teachers & students played the role of teachers. All the teachers were honored with gifts. Specially the Principal, Vice Principal  along with the teachers belonging to the board class i.e. X  were rewarded for their excellent performance and 100% result in the board class of std. X. 

B) Annual Magazine “GENIUS” was released.

9th  Sept.2012

Honor of Principal along with 5 teachers Mrs. Anshu Maheshwari ,Mrs. Mridula Jain, Mrs. Rekha Soman, Mrs. Sheela Sharma, Mrs.Swati Shrivastav & Miss. Shivangi Mishra  for showing outstanding  performance in academic in "Indore  Teacher's Honor Celebration" held at Cloth Market Kanya Vidhyalaya & felicitated  by the great Pandit   Patanwale Guruji Vastushastri (Shri Shyam Manohar ji Sharma).They were felicitated with Medals & Certificates.  

11th Sept.2012

In Inter State Essay Competition Miss. Ayushi Rawal std. IX got first prize as Digital Camera of worth Rs.10000/-  Certificate & Memento.It was organized by Tata building.

12th Sept. 2012

Miss.Upasna Gupta of std. X will receive cash prize of Rs.51000/- in Genius Scholarship Award exam conducted   by Denik Bhaskar .Only five students were selected from 5 different schools of Indore  among them one is ours i.e. Vaishnav Bal Mandir is one of them.

15th Sept. 2012

A)On  the occasion of Hindi Diwas, Bank of Maharashtra conducted Essay Competition on“c<+rk gqvk iznq"k.k ,oa i;kZoj.k in which  Miss. Gargi Ojha got first prize of  Rs. 1000/- ,Miss. Kratika Kothari got second Prize of Rs.500/-Miss. Suchi Sharma got third prize of  Rs.250/- & Miss. Divya Ajmera got Consolation prize of Rs.250/-.

B)Debate Competition was organized for std. IV & V on the occasion of Hindi Diwas.

17th Sept. 2012 to 1st Oct. 2012

Summative Assessment - I  was Conducted  for Nursery to Std.XII.

19th Sept.2012

“Ganesh  Idol Installation” of Ganpatiji and its worship by Principal.

20th  Sept.2012

Heavy Rainy Day was declared by Collector due to which students got holiday.

22nd  Sept. 2012

Meeting of Principals  attended by the Principal It  was conducted  by  Sahodaya Group at Saint Pal Higher Sec. School .

23rd Sept. 2012

Honor of Principal for showing outstanding  performance in academic held at Anand Mohan Mathur Sabha Grah scheme No.58 by Governor of M.P. Shri Ramnaresh  Yadav. Principal was felicitated with Medals, shawl & Certificate.    

29th Sept.2012

Anant Chaturdashi Celebration with the worship and immersion of God Ganesha.

30th Sept.2012

Workshop  for Commerce  Stream at  Shri Satya Sai Vidhya Vihar was attended by commerce Teacher Mrs. Priya Kasliwal & Mrs. Manisha Shiverkar .


ACTIVITY REPORT OF MONTH  October  (2012-13)




1st Oct.2012

A)Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated.

B)In State Handball  championship Under 14,Under17  & Under 19  eight girls were sent to Kukshi but received no prize.

3rd Oct.2012

26 NCC Cadet were sent to attend 10 Days NCC Camp at Vijay Nagar. So many different competitions were held there. In Poster Making  competition Miss. Anjali Chourasia  snatched  first prize as certificate ,in Firing Competition Miss. Muskan Jain secured second prize as certificate and Best cadet  prize was given to Miss. Bhawna Parashar.Miss Priyanka Desai NCC Care Taker also got Best Care Taker award there .    

12th Oct.2012

Dance Competition for students of Nursery to K.G.II

13th Oct.2012

A)Inter House English Drama Competition for the students of std. IX & XI.

B)A Group of 8 to 10 girls from std. IX to XII were sent for Music Competition  & they got  3rd position as certificates & Memento .     

15th Oct.2012

10 girls were sent for Inter School Taekwondo competition under the aegis of sahodaya Group of Complex Miss.  Paridhi Gangwal snatched First prize as gold medal Miss.Jhalak Vyas (VI),Miss.Surbhi Garde (VII) and Miss. Tanvi Joshi (VIII ) snatched second prize as Silver medals  and Miss. Dimple Joshi (VIII) snatched third prize as Bronze medal. Judo Karate trainer Mr. Omprakash Makhaniya got memento as Best Coach among all participated CBSE Schools .

16th Oct. 2012

Two girls were sent for Inter School English Recitation Competition to Choithram School Manikbag Road but they received no prize.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

17th Oct.2012

A)In Sahodaya Inter School Quiz Competition Miss. Prajvi Dungerwal(XII) & Miss. Seemona Malpani (XII)were sent to Mata Gujri School but they received no prize.

B) In sahodaya Inter School English Debate  Competition Miss. Purvi Padliya  (X)& Miss. Sailja Upadhyay(X) were sent to Vidhyanjali International  School but they received no prize.

C) A group of 9 students were sent in Sahodaya Inter School Drawing Competition at Pragya School but received no prize.

18th Oct.2012

A)Inter School Music Competition was held in Jagdalaya School Miss.Yashi Rathore std. X Got second prize as certificate & memento & Miss. Shrutika Jain got third prize as certificate & memento.

B)Omega Talent Search organized  a quiz contest & in that competition a  winner group of  three girls were selected for Inter School Quiz round & got cash prize of Rs.500/- each . A runner up group of three girls   got cash prize of 200/- each.

19th Oct.2012

On the Occasion of Navratri, Open Garba Competition was organized for the student of std. XII

20th Oct.2012

A)Open House Day ( Result Declaration from Nur. To XII)

B) Meeting with the teachers of Nursery to XII by Chairman & Principal.

C)A group of 10 girls were sent to Annie Basent School for Inter School folk Dance event but received no prize.

20th  Oct.2012

In Inter School Sahodaya Group Swimming Competition under 12 Miss. Ayushi Jain std. VI & in under 14 five girls participated but received no prize.

31st Oct.2012

M.P.State level Taekwondo Competition was held at Nehru Stadium,  our 13 students  got gold medal ,13 students got silver medal and 19 students got Bronze medal . Out of 25 schools of Indore we only won Taekwondo Championship trophy.

ACTIVITY REPORT OF MONTH  November  (2012-13)





4th Nov.2012

MPPSC Exam was conducted for 600 students.

5th Nov.2012

Cartoon Character Competition was conducted for students of Nursery.

8th Nov.2012

A)Diya Decoration Competition was conducted for the students of std. III

B)Toran &Thali Making Competition was conducted for the students of std. IV & V.

10th Nov.2012

A)Aakash Deep competition was conducted  for the students of std. VI to VIII.

B)Rangoli & gift Wrapping competition was conducted for the students of std. IX to XII.

11th Nov.2012

Staff Selection Commission Exam was conducted for 572 students.

11th Nov.to15th Nov.2012

 Dhanteras Pooja and  Diwali Vacation.

17th Nov.2012

A)Celebration of Children Day in school.

B)Food carnival was arranged by the students of IX to XII to entertain students of std. V to XII .

C) Teachers of std. I to V  prepared  Dance to entertain                   

students of std. Nursery to std. V.

21st  Nov.2012

Mrs. Jaya Ojha  & Mrs. Kirti Khandwe   were sent for Hindi Workshop at Lemon Tree Hotel. They got Certificate & other Gifts .

23rd Nov.2012

Students of std. XII (Bio stream) were sent for workshop on DNA Fingerprints to Soft Vision College Nipania .They were escorted by Mrs. Amita Bhatt.

24th Nov.2012

Mrs. Jaya Ojha, Mrs. Shalini Trivedi, Mrs. Krati Neema, Miss. Deepa Dehadre & Miss. Payal Khatwa were sent to Vidya Sagar School to attend Teacher’s Training  Workshop on CCE Pattern .CBSE charged  for workshop Rs.400/- each, it was paid by the school . 

26th  Nov. 2012

Picnic for std I to V at “Chouki Dhani”.Lunch and Breakfast arrangement was done by them. 

27th  Nov. 2012

A)Picnic for std VI to XII at “Chouki Dhani”.Lunch and Breakfast arrangement was done by them. 

30th Nov.2012

Akhil Bhartiya Swadeshi Sangh organized National Swadeshi Mahotsav 2012 from 27th Nov.2012 to 30th Nov.2012 . In that 78 girls of  std. V to X    participated in different competitions. Among them Miss. Mansi Jain secured first prize in Fancy Dress, Miss. Yashi Rathore got second prize in music competition, Miss. Sanskrati Tawar got first prize in Extempore, Miss. Muskan dani got first prize in Hastkala, Miss.Swati Sharma got second prize in Drawing competition  ,Miss. Vishakha Agrawal ,Miss. Rinkel Jai & Miss. Mrunali Patil got consolation prizes in different competitions.Team of Kabadi & Handball also got   first prize  as memento & certificates. Vaishnav Bal Mandir also got Shield for maximum number of winners among 30  CBSE schools of Indore. Our school was at the top in all the competition conducted there. 


ACTIVITY REPORT OF MONTH  December  (2012-13)





2nd Dec.2012

PSC Exam was conducted for 600 students.

3rd Dec.2012 to 11th Dec.2012

A)Sports week for the students of std. VI to XI.

B)Sports week for the students of std.I to V.

7th Dec.2012

Vegetable day was celebrated for the students of K.G.I & K.G.II.

8th Dec.2012

A)Students of std.IX to XII were sent for  Inter School Quiz Competition organized by Times of India but received no prize.

B)Meeting of Sahodaya group was attended by the Principal at  Gujrati School Scheme No.54.

11th Dec.2012

Inter School Debate Competition was organized by Maheshwari School ,Miss Purvi Padlia std. X & Miss. Shriya Gupta std. IX participated & Miss. Purvi Padliya got First prize as Rs.1000/- & certificate.

12th  Dec.2012

A) Celebration of 12/12/12 was organized by the students of std. XI  under the guidance of Principal Madam to entertain the students of std. VI to XI .Principal made all the teachers to take oath not to beat  / harass the students.

 B)Miss. Vinaykee Gupta (std. XI) & Miss.Shikha Bhati (std X) participated in Interschool Debate Competition organized by R.M.B.Gujrati School but received no prize.

13th Dec.2012

Miss. Vidhi Patil (std X) & Miss. Shruti Agrawal (std. X) were sent for Interschool Kavya Path Competition organized by Maheshwari School ,Miss. Shruit Agrawal received consolation Prize of Rs.500/- & Certificate.

18th Dec.2012

A)Miss. Kritika Kothari std.VIII ,Miss.Vinaykee Gupta std.XI were sent for Inter School  Essay writing Competition to Vaishnav Kanya Vidhyalay & Miss. Vinaykee Gupta  snatched 1st Prize as certificate & momento.

B) “Vaishnav Pratibha Contest”conducted with the Judges Miss. Kankana Loiya Head Programmer  94.3 Myfm & Mrs Soniya Sethi Fashion Designer . Out of 15 contestant, Miss Gurusha Somani  XII Commerce   won the title, Miss.Pajvi Dungerwal XII Commerce was 1st Runner up & Miss. Ayushi Gupta XII Science  was Second Runner up .

19th Dec.2012

Miss. Mansi Jain std.VIII was sent for Inter School debate Competition to Trilokchand School  & received 1st Prize as memento & Certificate.


21st Dec. to 28th Dec.2012

 32nd National Taekwondo Championship was organized  at Amritsar  36 girls of our school  participated in it. They paid Rs.2000/- each to association  for Amritsar trip expenditure  from 21st Dec.2012 to 28th Dec.2012.Among them Miss.Sanskruti Tawar,Miss. Prachi Tiwari, Miss.Paridhi Gangwal, Miss.AshitaUpadhyay, Miss.Prachi Rathore,Miss.Ayushi Sikarwar, Miss. Shalini Vyas all seven girls got  Bronze medal.

21st Dec.2012

Annual Celebration “ANNEX 2012” program for all students with the Chief Guest Dr. Madhavi Patel ENT Surgeon.

22nd Dec.2012

Annual Celebration “ANNEX 2012” for parents with the Special Guest Mrs. Anuradha Shankar I.G.Indore Zone & Chief Guest Mrs. Shubhada Waghmare Judge  High court  & all the dignitaries of the management .

23rd Dec.2012

Annual Lunch for the guests and all the students.

24th Dec. & 27th Dec.2012

Holiday on account of Christmas.

31st Dec.

Miss. Shiwangi  Shrivastav std.XI & Miss. Yasi Rathore std. X were sent for Interschool Music Competition & secured II & III position respectively.They received certificate & momento. It was organized by Marwadi School.Our school also got Shield . 


ACTIVITY REPORT OF MONTH  January  (2012-13)





1st Jan.2013

Miss. Purvi Padliya std.X & Miss. Vinaykee Gupta std. XI were sent for Inter School debate Competition to Marwadi School, but received no  Prize . They were escorted by Mrs.Prabha Yadav.

4th Jan.2013

In Inter School Drawing Competition Miss. Kashish Gujrathi std.IV & Miss.Saloni Bakliwal std. X received 1st & 2nd prize respectively as certificate & memento. It was organized by Vaishnav Kanya Vidhyalay,Gumasta Nagar. 

6th Jan.2013

Inter School Debate Competition was organized by Yatayat suraksha Saptah Miss. Mansi Jain std. VIII & Miss.Nitisha Kothari  std. VIII   from Junior Group received 1st & 2nd Prize of Rs. 1000/- & Rs.750/- respectively  & in Senior group  Miss. Purvi Padliya std. X & Miss. Rashi Tiwari std.XI  both received Rs.750/- each as  2nd & 3rd Prize respectively. 

9th& 10th Jan.2013

Students of std. XI & XII Commerce were sent for Industry Visit as per the guideline given by CBSE to our Chairman’s Industry( Shri Raghunath Prasad ji Tulsyan)    Indira Export Pvt. Ltd, Cat Road,Indore.

8thto 12th Jan.2013

English Spoken Class was taken by Principal Madam from Nursery to std. VIII Teachers because of holiday declared by the Collector due to chilly cold .

11th Jan.2013

Career Counseling Seminar was conducted for Std. XII (Commerce Students) by Mrs. Rashmi & Mrs.Mahima Maheshwari , Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management.

12th Jan.2013

Surya Namaskar was done  by the students of std.IX to XII.

14th Jan.2013

Kite Festival was celebrated on account of  Makar Sankranti.


II Preboard Examination  for std. XII.

19th Jan.2103

Workshop for Problem Solving Assessment  was attended by Vice Principal Mrs. Anshu Maheshwari and Mrs. Sandhya Soni at Hotel Fortune Landmark.

26th Jan.2013

Republic Day was celebrated with the Chief Guest Shri Shankar Manjhi Deputy Commandant CISE  Airport, Indore & all the dignitaries of the management .  Demonstration  of Judo-Karate was presented by the students of std. VI to X  & On the basis of overall  House activities Godawari   House was declared Winner House of the year 2012-13.

31st Jan.2013

PTM for the students of Nur. To std V & Regular Classes for std. VI to XII .


ACTIVITY REPORT OF MONTH  February  (2012-13)





2nd Feb.2013

Career Counseling Seminar was  conducted by Shri G.G. Nagar, Principal  Shri Vaishnav Higher Sec.School,Indore &  Shri Aditya Ranjan ,Coordinator Shri Venkteshwar Institute of Technology,Indore for the students of std. XII Maths  Science Stream.

4th Feb.2013 to 7th Feb.2013

Medical Check-Up for the students of std. VI to XI by Dr. Tarachand Rupale & his team.

5th Feb.2013 to 14th Feb.2013

Annual Practical Examination of Class XII  of all subjects.  Externals appointed by CBSE visited the school for valuation of practical Examination..

9th Feb.2013

There was holiday declared  due to death of Shri Babulalji Baheti,Chairman Shri Vaishnav Sahayak Trust.


11th Feb.2013

Principal along with all teachers went to pay Homage to Late Shri Babulal Ji Baheti  at Vaishnav Higher Sec.School Campus.

15th Feb.2013

Celebration of Basant Panchami was done by the students of Nursery to std. XII by invocation of goddess  Saraswati.

17th  Feb.2013

The Second Level Olympiad Exam was conducted at  “Sanmati School” for First Level  passed students of our school .

18th Feb.2013

 Fare-well to the students of Class XII.

20th Feb.2013 to 9th March 2013

Summative Assessment II was conducted for the students of VI to VIII.(Including Practical Exam of std. XI)

21st Feb.2013 to 08th March 2013

Summative Assessment II was conducted for the students of Nursery to std.V.

22nd Feb.2013

Students of std. XII were taken for worship to  Venktesh Temple ,Gumasta Nagar before Annual Board Exam to have blessings.

26th Feb.2013

Workshop on Database was attended by Vice Principal  Mrs. Anshu Maheshwari ,Computer Teacher Miss. Neeta Singh &  Mrs. Sashilata Mishra at Shri  Arbindo Institute of Management, It was organized by Sahodaya Complex,Indore.   


ACTIVITY REPORT OF MONTH  March & April  (2012-13)





1st March 2013 to 30th March 2013

A)Examination of std.XII started.

B)Evaluation work was done by the teachers of Nursery to std. VIII.

4th March 2013 to 19th March 2013

Examination of std. IX & XI was  started.

6th March 2013

PTA Meeting was conducted in the presence of Chairman & Secretary.

16th March to 30th March 2013

 School Based Examination of std. X.

28th March 2013

Result Declaration from Nursery to std. VIII.

30th March 2013

Result Declaration of std. IX & XI.

1st April 2013

A) School Reopen after the result Declaration.

B) Saraswati Invocation.

2nd April 2013

Teachers were sent for Checking of Board Exam Papers at the different centers of CBSE for different subjects.

11th April 2013 & 12th April 2013

State level Taekwondo Competition was held at Nehru Stadium,  our 16 students  got gold medal ,14 students got silver medal and 12 students got Bronze medal . Out of 25 schools of other states Out of 20 schools of Indore we only won Taekwondo Championship trophy & Mr.Omprakash Makhaniya  also got Best Coach Trophy .

16th April 2013

Summer Vacation was declared  for the students  from 16th April 2013 to 15th June for students. School reopens from 16th  June 2013.

30th April 2013

Teacher staff was given Summer Holidays & informed them to come  on 10th  June2010.


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